Gif of small pixel dog running back and forth along the top of the page. His name is Byte.

Introducing Prismocosm

I am proud to announce the launch of, the new face of my web development business. I have been building web pages and applications for clients going on 7 years now. I’ve always found new business simply by word of mouth recommendations. It’s about time I have a professional brand I can advertise and grow.

I built from scratch with a single HTML and CSS file. You can view the code here. The backgrounds and borders use CSS gradients and keyframes. The animations are vector graphics I purchased and customized. The contact form runs on web3forms, which takes the pain out of simple forms and comes with hCaptcha to prevent spam.

As you can see, my personal site isn’t flashy. My blog design is an ode to the old web, when amatuers designed sites full of personality with the limited styling options available. On the contrary, Prismocosm has all of the trappings of a sleek, modern site made possible by advancements in CSS and SVGs. These two sites show the difference a small amount of code can make.

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