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Minimalist Art Portfolio WordPress Theme

If you’re an artist looking to build a portfolio site, you’ve probably considered using Cargo. Its minimalist themes and UI are great for showcasing visual art easily. However, it can be pricey and limiting - especially compared to hosting your own WordPress site.

I made Jess, a minimalist WordPress Theme for art portfolios, so that artists can save money and have more control over their sites. The theme is built on Underscores, a bare-bones starter template, and uses WordPress’s built in Masonry Grid to organize art on the homepage.

To use the theme to its full potential, I recommend the following plugins:

Easy Add Thumbnail - Sets the featured image of each post to the first image automatically.

Fonts Plugin - Easily set fonts using Google Fonts.

Simple Custom Post Order - Drag and drop posts to desired order.

Also, be sure to remove all default widgets through Appearance > Widgets.

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