On Set @ Tapedrop Live

Videography Feb 20, 2020

In October of 2019 I established Tapedrop Live, a venue for monthly live sessions by local artists. Thanks to the generosity of Cropwell Friends Meeting House, a 200 year old Quaker church in the suburbs of Philadelphia, our team has had a consistent space to shoot with custom sets and a small film crew.

On set I operate a Sony A7 III on an electronic gimbal alongside two other shooters with matching rigs. The bands are lit with Arri Tungsten Fresnel lights and colored LED stage lights. We record bands live through Logic Pro X and shoot rappers and solo acts music video style - using their recordings in post.

I edit and color grade the sessions in Davinci Resolve. Using the Multicam feature I have been able to increase my editing speed and keep my timeline more organized. I edit and color grade to each band's aesthetic rather than creating a standardized look. This has allowed me to experiment and practice new techniques like speed ramping, custom transitions, and film emulation.

Harry Herskowitz

Harry is a web developer and videographer with a focus on using technology to empower local artists and communities

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