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As an independent musician I know how difficult it is for local artists to get writeups on their releases. There is a lot of gatekeeping that involves knowing someone at magazine or being signed to a label with connections. This makes building an electronic press kit a daunting task.

Frustrated by this, I built in December of 2017. The original site was built with WordPress. It used frontend forms and advanced custom fields to allow artists and local bloggers to sign up and post their own writeups. It was a Medium for musicians.

There was a decent amount of posting from individual artists at first. But as time went on, a group of regular authors solidified. With the realization that most musicians are not writers, and as the need arose for a faster more modern CMS than WordPress, I rebuilt with Ghost, a JavaScript-based CMS - just like this site!

Although moving to Ghost meant ditching the open author signup, it offered a simple author invitation system and lightning fast speeds. Despite this pivot to a closed blogging platform, we have been working to stay true to our mission. We actively spotlight local artists regardless of audience size and openly invite any interested authors to contribute.

If you are interested in writing for Tapedrop, or would like your music featured on the site, please reach out through Instagram.

Harry Herskowitz

Harry is a web developer and programmer with a focus on using technology to empower local artists and communities

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